Rafiki's API documentation adheres to the openapi standard for documenting its endpoints and resources. However, openapi serves a dual purpose: it not only documents APIs but also facilitates the automatic generation of SDK libraries in your preferred programming language, absolutely free of charge!

If you prefer not to manually write your integration code or wish to swiftly experiment with our services, you can effortlessly obtain our openapi file specification from here.

Our generated clients can be found at github.com/RafikiApi/openapi-clients; we have used the widely adopted and well maintained openapi-generator, however, the openapi JSON file content can be seamlessly utilized with any openapi version 3.0 or higher supported client-code generator.


Disclaimer of Responsibility:

Please use SDK generation tools with caution. Like any other open-source software, they may not always function as expected. It's important to note that our company cannot be held responsible for any unexpected outcomes or damages resulting from the use of this recommended software. Users assume responsibility for their usage and are encouraged to use these tools responsibly.